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TSI is heading back to Irving in 2023.

As technology advances, new practical applications are imagined to keep communities safer.

Innovation in the fire services with technology isn’t only new tools to physically fight fires but it includes programs such as augmented reality that can scan a collapsed building or landslide to see cell phone pings of missing persons, data that can help predict wildfire behavior or improve the quality of life of station employees, artificial intelligence that can predict disasters...These are just some technologies currently being developed.

Technology Summit International aims to bring the tech of the future to today’s fire and emergency service professionals — helping them reduce risks to their communities, improve their ability to respond to emergencies, and save lives.

TSI 2023 Webinar Series

Igniting Innovation in the Fire Service

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Check out the first webinar as we lead up to #TSI2023

Some of the topics planned for #TSI2023 include:

  • NERIS and the Fire Service
  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Safety
  • Technology Integration for Wildfires
  • Technology for Firefighter Health & Wellness
  • Innovations Tranforming Emergency Medical Services
  • Drones & UAS for Public Safety
  • and more!
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