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TSI is heading back to Irving next month!

The Technology Summit International (TSI) focuses on the practical implementation of technology in fire services. Our aim is simple: bring together the brightest minds in the fire service to explore technologies that make a real difference in firefighter safety and decision making.

We're not just talking about new tools like artificial intelligence and virtual reality; we're talking about how to effectively integrate them into the everyday realities of firefighting. At TSI, we ask the important questions. How can new technology genuinely improve fire service decision-making? How do we make sure these technologies are adopted quickly and effectively? What are the best strategies and tactics that the fire service should deploy in order to achieve successful adoption?

Our summit will dig into the root cause of fire service challenges while exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in firefighting. Join us at TSI to help drive the future of the fire service.

Some of the topics planned for #TSI2023 include:
  • NERIS and the Fire Service
  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Safety
  • Technology Integration for Wildfires
  • Technology for Firefighter Health & Wellness
  • Innovations Tranforming Emergency Medical Services
  • Drones & UAS for Public Safety
  • and more!

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TSI 2023 Webinar Series

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